You all want to know about me and my blog


Let me introduce my self and this blog fastly.

My name is “Anwer khan” i am a part time blogger & Affiliate marketer.

I am 21 years old. And living in Pakistan. currently, I am doing BS-CS from BBSUL University. If you want to know about this university so go to google.

I hope you will have now very well about my background.

So let talks about my this blog.

Why I was create this blog?

I started this micro-niche blog “Tommee Tippee” for newbies who not know how to buy from Amazon? And not know about Tommee Tippee means is that like I think everyone knows about Tommee Tippee.

But not sure about this, and every time confused about this. Confuse about this product quality, and not know which is best for my sweet baby.

So feel free I will tell you and give you honest reviews about Tommee Tippee.

And anyone have any Question and any confusion so this is my contact email address here you can ask me about your queries.

Email address:

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