How to buy tommee tippee baby care products from Amazon?

How to buy tommee tippee baby care products from Amazon?
How to buy tommee tippee baby care products from Amazon?

Hey, This is Anwer khan. and today I am gonna teach you How to buy and purchase from Amazon?

For buying and purchasing from amazon it’s so easier and if you want to buy good and quality product so let continue reading.

So, guys I will teach you to step by step and in the and I will share some important points & tips with you for better purchasing.

First step


You have these things?

Amazon requirements from buyers are following.

  1. Google Account.
  2. Amazon’s personal Account.
  3. Bank account or credit card, debit card.

Second Step

So I have these 3 things what is the next step?

The next step will log in. suppose I have one Gmail account after this I will go to the Amazon Offical site and then log in for my Amazon account.

Maybe you will visit this site first time so if you are visited this site first so you should click on the up button.

And create your personal Amazon should fill out 100% right information.

After sign up, you should go again to the login page. And then log in with your Amazon account.

Third step

Here you have one google account and one amazon account.

After login to your account search your wanted and favorite item and product. in Amazon.

You have to way for selecting your item one is search directly into the amazon search bar and the second one is going to a category and search your product with categories.

Ones you select your item and product then click into the cart button or buy button near with product.


After selecting your product, here its a last step. fill your bill payment details.

Make Sure you will fill the right information otherwise your order will be canceled.

After giving your payment details click on the buy button.

Woo congratulation you have to buy your product from amazon successfully. Wait for 3 to 4 days for receiving your order at your giving address.

Buying guide with tips & tricks

  1. When you connect your google account with amazon login make sure your google account has active. because you will receive order delivery details on your Gmail account.
  2. Make sure your Amazon account password should strong. anyone not can hack and copy.
  3. When you choose your item so first see the product star rating. star rating must be above 4.
  4. Read people comment in the below of product read reviews. And read carefully product description.
  5. In the end, the last tip is that when you buying a product and filling your product detail so there you have a few advance options. like Quantity of item selection, and color size, etc.

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This was one brief described Article about How To Buy Tommee Tippee Baby Care Products From Amazon?

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